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lbett_01020 Beds

Beds that are the comfort zone of your home, a haven of tranquillity.

alba_sofas_0301-1140x7607 Lounges

Lounge Furniture based on simple concepts & clear-cut, defined forms.

just-chair-kff Chairs

Dining & Easy Chairs of style, typified by understated luxury & timelessness.

axida_072 Tables

Designer Tables to enhance & compliment in & outdoor areas.

four_two_01-9050 Sofa Beds

Sofa beds of style, comfort  and the practicality of a lounge and a bed.

kyoto_group-green Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor/Garden furniture of exclusive design and a variety of best materials.

algo_01040 Cabinets

Cabinets so beautiful, yet they won't steal the show from other furniture.

sipario_010908 Room Dividers

Utilise more space with Room Dividers to create two or three rooms in one.

studimo_01120 Shelf Systems

Shelf systems - multifunctional shelving or elegant room dividers.

40s_010604 Wardrobes

Versatile & modern wardrobes which transform areas into favourite spots.

rollfire_65000 Fireplaces

Table, mobile and room fireplaces for warm, ambiance and visual appeal.

bicrugs---pebbles Carpets

Carpets of high quality textiles to enhance the look & feel of a room.

lamps Lamps

Lamps are the most rudimentary element of our interior decoration.

log-holder-3-holzlege3_80203_01 Accessories

An accessories range for in & outdoor, attractive & functional.