Siekaup is honoured to bring to the Australian furniture buyer the contemporary and innovative furniture of Mueller Moebel. Established some twenty years ago in Augsburg Germany, Mueller Moebel specialises in the crafting of `up-to-the-minute’ metal furniture using a flawless process, sophisticated design sensibilities and individuality that sets trends ahead of the rest. The almost handicraft expertise of its workers sees the near lost art of `traditional’ hands-on processes like cutting, pressing, stamping and welding of each metal sheet, come alive in the process of manufacture. It is here that the unique characacter and infinite possibilities for each piece of furniture is created. The colour palette for such furniture is near inexhaustable taking the choice from the full RAL colour chart combining it with an acrylic varnish taken directly from the car industry thus making the surfaces both tough and easy care. Recipients of some of Germany’s most prestigious design awards, Mueller Moebel have employed some of the world’s great modern designers such as Kressel & Schelle, Jan Armgardt, Lippert Studios, Gregor Faubel amongst others to work for them in creating a product range of great sophistication. Within their design portfolio are some eight lines – `Classic ’, `Mobile’, `Highline’ `Stack’ and others, covering such furniture pieces as sideboards, shelving, desks, side and coffee table, workstations, bar cabinets and trolleys. The secret to Mueller Moebel’s success ? It is their loyalty to their material of choice – METAL – its strength, malleability in the right hands, its streamline and durable appearance, all allowing for an exciting interplay of industrial elements and the balanced form of contemporary living, both for the office and the home. So why not join us and discover for yourself the full range by clicking on the button above. Mueller Moebel is only available through Siekaup and only as a specific client order.